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    September 18, 2012 VisitBerlinTips 0


    I hate cities.

    Berlin isn’t necessarily a city though, in my view.  It’s more like a huge park criss-crossed by more canals than you can count… and they sneak the buildings in between the parks.

    I don’t feel hemmed in in Berlin.

    This is good, because even I will admit that cities occasionally have their uses.

    Heaven, for me, is an uninhabited stretch of Montana, or Wyoming… or even better yet, Alaska.   Just me and my gear, swinging along to see something nobody else does.

    But how do I go see an opera?  Or find a decent sushi place?

    I didn’t believe it at first, but Berlin can actually solve this “problem” for me.  Any kind of music… or culture… or food… that I could possibly want is there for the asking… and if the crowds or buildings get to be too much, around the next corner there’s always another park.

    Even more important than the food or the music is the education: there are schools all over Berlin, begging to teach me any subject I want… including making me an expert in the German language.

    Think of all the new books I’ll be able to read!

    …and best of all, for a curmudgeon like me…

    This place is dirt cheap!!


                See you there.


    PS: If you want to learn German I’ll strongly recommend to learn it in Berlin. I went to this school: Kapitel Zwei. Deutsch-Sprachschule Berlin or http://kapitel-zwei.de/en.

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